Inn at Barnum Point
Barnum Point

A Bed & Breakfast on the Beach
464 South Barnum Road
Camano Island, Washington, 98282-8578

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Featured in Sunset Magazine, October 2002

From the Bluff:
A Newsletter from the
Inn at Barnum Point

Enjoy the wind whistling and the roar of the waves pounding ashore while relaxing by the fireplace. Salmon are here waiting to spawn up the river and I saw a sturgeon jump recently. With the extra fish in the bay, seal and sea lions are more likely to be seen.

A spectacular view of our salt water Bay spreads out for miles, sometimes serene and calm, sometimes angry with white caps tipping the breakers as they follow the wind and tides. The Cascade Mountains surround the water, even Mt. Rainier peeks out from the clouds on many days, white with snow and often at sunset like a pink ice cream cone. No wonder the first question guests ask is: "How did you get this location?" (My grandfather found it in 1904.) All windows have views, even from the bathrooms.

This side of the island is known for spectacular sunrises, painting the sky in vivid colors, and reflecting back into the water. We have memorable sunsets too. Rainbows, sometimes double, are common. Beauty is everywhere. The moving water and clouds are constantly changing the scenery. Night brings the stars and planets and moonbeams streaking across the water--even occasionally the Northern Lights. Our clean air lets you see through to the Milky Way. Pollution is back in the city.

Summer brings the boats, kayaks and canoes. We have a boat launch nearby for the bigger water toys, and kayaks can be launched from our own beach. There is plenty of room to park them. In the Spring and Fall the migrating birds move here or travel through the area by the thousands. In winter we have the excitement of strong winds and waves, breaking over the bank and sending spray onto the windows and into the yard in showers of water droplets. Our hundred-year-old orchard and many bulbs bloom in the Spring. In the Summer we have the brightness of our flower beds and perfume of the wild roses. The orchard stands with stark ancient tree branches in the Winter and for color there are the bright red rose hips and snow berries. Fall colors reflect in the water from the surrounding hills.

The fruit attracts the wildlife, as does the beach. Deer, coyotes (more often heard than seen), raccoon and porcupine can be glimpsed by a sharp and alert eye. On the beach and in the water you might see the river otter, harbor seal, or sea lions. Eagles have been putting on a show, as many as 20 at a time, feeding on easy catch at low tide and training their young.

"It's so peaceful here" is the second most frequent comment of guests. "We couldn't help but sleep in late, it was so comfy and relaxing". The Inn is away from a main road across the Bay. You'll travel a mile up our country lane, a great place for a morning jog or a slow walk to watch for wildlife and admire the beauty. Bring your bikes. It's a good way to see the island if you have sturdy legs and stay alert to traffic. Camano groups are working on a bike trail in the future as well as hiking trails all over the island. There are a few hiking trails, mainly at the State Parks. More park lands have been purchased and will make this an island of parks, just an hour away from the big city of Seattle, the gateway to the San Juan Islands, or Vancouver B.C. Enjoy easy access over a bridge--no long ferry lines.

Bring your cameras and binoculars. We hope you will share our enjoyment of this beautiful land!

Won't you join us?

Sunrise over the Inn at Barnum Point Bed and Breakfast is spectacular.
A migrating mute swan joins resident seagulls to
greet the day. The sun sends streams of sunlight over the
Inn at Barnum Point on Camano Island, Washington.
(Photograph by Glenna Timmerman)
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