What Are Social Media Influencers and Why Are They Paid?

Influence of social media influencers is in the hot trends these days. From last some years word social media influencers, it feels like has been following you everywhere you go.


Well, it is because local businesses have started to hire the services of social media influencers big time for the purpose of promotion.


These influencers are actually bloggers who now have shifted their platform from writing blogs to making videos and clicking pictures.


Higher the popularity/fan following fatter the payment check. These people are celebrities but not on a global level, but more of a local level.


Why Are They Growing So Popular?


Well, as per statistics, the United States of America alone is ready to spend as larger an amount as 37.71 billion US dollars till the end of next year.


On what do you think so much money is spending? Yes, SMO teams, photographers, videographers and other things are there too, but as much as 20% of this is said to be going to the Influencers.


But why are companies splashing the cash on them? Well, one reason being that they are cheaper, as compared to another kind of celebrities (mainstream ones).


Another reason being that from a famous footballer, like Cristiano Ronaldo or a singer like Adam Levine or a bodybuilder like Phil Heath, social media marketing is expected to the level that it becomes a little too obvious when these people ask you to buy something.


Meanwhile, when some local celebrity, like your town or city’s Instagram star, reviews something or talks positive about something, it kind of makes an appeal.


How Cheap Are We Talking About?


Brands love social media influencers because they are very cheap, we have discussed it before, but how cheap is the question, very cheap, way cheap!


Some influencers are ready to promote products just for gift hampers or the same product as a mode of payment by the company.


The costliest it could be will still be a lot cheaper than what super celebrities from mainstream costs to companies.


Types of Influencers


The area is new and still is un-brushed, but as of now, there are mainly four types of social media influencers available in the market.


Experts (Can be Industry or Spiritual leaders)


Okay, so these are the people who have a lot of knowledge on any stuff, like politics, clothes, fashion, shoes etc. So any brand which thinks that they can use expert influencer’s fan following to their use, will hire him/her and ask him/her to promote their product secretly.


Celebrities (Whom people follow, just to know their lifestyles)


Celebrities are known influencers; you must have read, “In a paid partnership” a lot on most of the celebrities’ pictures these days, which is precisely the case these days. Gucci, Armani, Prada, they are all hiring celebrities, paying them money to wear their things and pose online. Just like the more local companies are doing with local celebrities.


Content creators or Bloggers


You must have seen them already, must have read about them on the social media and for sure should have liked one or two of them. Bloggers will write about various things, mostly, informational, “wanderlust” kind of thing, if you may.


Micro Influencers


Small timers, but emerges as experts on social media. People listen to these chaps for their accurate and unbiased reviews of things, places and eateries and companies, if see potential in them, buys them and make them manipulate people for them.




So, these are influencers, have questions? Suggestion? Let us know! We are all ears!



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