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We focus mainly on the safety of our belongings when moving. But, the one aspect we all sometimes ignore is protecting ourselves, especially if we’re opting for a do-it-yourself move.


Sometimes, moving can be more dangerous than you expect it to be. Heavy objects are the most difficult to move because of their weight (no rocket science here). No doubt moving is exhausting work. Sharp objects like knives are no different. And, if you’re not careful, these factors can lead to a serious injury.


Many people opt to hire Bayonne movers to avoid going through planning and moving troubles. But if you are looking forward to doing this on your own then here are few tips that will come handy.

Pack Wisely

DO NOT over-pack.

Know the weight limit of your moving box. The moving boxes are designed to hold a certain amount of weight. Use these boxes for bulk, but not necessarily heavy items.

Don’t exceed the weight limit just because you can fit more items in the box. Exceeding the limit can lead to strain or injury on back and other joints.


Wrapping Sharp Objects Is Important

Secure your knives, scissors, and other sharp objects by wrapping them in packing paper and/or bubble wraps. Packing and unpacking of these sharps items without wrap can lead to cuts on your body.

Also, these items can poke out of your packed boxes if not secured well. This can be really dangerous. So, make sure to wrap such items well while packing.


Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wearing appropriate clothes is important. You can not just start packing and moving in a dress or wearing a tuxedo (obviously), unless you’re James Bond, who can do almost everything while wearing a tux.

For you, clothes should be comfortable and manageable when moving. But, don’t go for baggy clothing, which can cause you to trip.

Opt for flexible clothes with proper pair of footwear. Sneakers and boots are the best options.


Plan Out Everything

Moving process requires some heavy lifting which can cause some severe strain on your muscles and joints.

To avoid any such strain, reduce the lifting job as much as possible. Plan out how you are going to organize the truck, so that you don’t have to lift and carry boxes and furniture more than it is necessary.


A Dolly Is Always Helpful

Let the dolly carry the burden of your heavy items from your old home to the truck to your new home. This will make the shifting process a lot easier.

If you don’t have a dolly, you can rent it from local hardware store.


Stretching Your Body Is Important

We all want to avoid any injury while moving. Tight muscles and limbs can cause you some injury. So, keep your body lose by stretching throughout the day, especially in the morning before you start your day.

Focus on stretching to avoid any stress or discomfort in your body.


Clear Pathways

You don’t want to trip or fall while moving around during packing, transporting or unpacking. The danger increases when you have heavy items in your arms and surrounding is also filled with objects lying on the ground.

Maintain a clear pathway inside and outside, so that you can walk through without worrying about any obstacle.


Sleep enough to Avoid Exhaustion

Getting enough sleep is crucial during your move. Lack of sleep can cause exhaustion, which can lead to more accidents.

Don’t stay up late with packing or unpacking. Close your owl eyes and get enough sleep. You can wake up early in the morning if you need some extra time. This way you will have energy to move efficiently and safely.


Enough Food and Water

I don’t have to talk much about the importance of food and water. Eating well and staying hydrated is the most important safety tip during your move.

Not eating well or drinking enough water will lead to exhaustion, weakness, and dizziness. And, these factors are enough to make you prone to injuries and accidents.

Make sure to take breaks for complete meals.


Keep Kids And Pets In A ‘Safe Zone’

You have items lying around while packing. Kids and pets are prone to accidents themselves. They cause additional variable of danger which should be avoided.

If you have kids or pets, the safest thing you can do to keep them busy elsewhere or keep them in a ‘safe zone’, away from your packing area.

You can call a close relative or your neighbor to take care of your kids or pets while you are busy with packing or unpacking.


Don’t Ignore What Your Body Tells you

Don’t be too buffed up with doing everything at once. Your body gives you signals about what it needs in the moment, do not ignore those signals.

Don’t just keep pushing forward if you feel stress, pain or exhausted. Get some rest if you need.


Hire Professionals If Moving Seems Tough

If you think, the moving job is too much for you, then the safest option you have is to hire a professional moving company.

They have a lot of experience when it comes to shifting and they can do it more efficiently.

If you have any injury, it is really important  that you hire Bayonne movers.


Stay safe and follow these tips for most efficient moving.

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