Stuck Inside? 8 Tips to Make Your Days Inside With Your Dog Exciting!

Stuck at the confines of home? You and your dog are eager to step out of your home, but this novel coronavirus has taken over our lives. Stepping out is inviting the COVID-19 infection in!


A positive thing about this is that you get to skip your summer days. I know it is fun and “tour-time” for many of us. But you also get to save your skin from the scorching heat. And so does your pup! Dogs actively love to stay outside, but this is not an apt time!


Have you thought about how to spend your and your ESA dog’s days inside your home and still have fun? Tricky, right?


Especially when your dog is an emotional support animal, your pets need to stay happy and relaxed to keep your emotional and mental stress away! Keeping your ESA interested at home would require giving a thought at your home-layout and finding creative ways with safety concerns in mind.


Here are a few tips to make your days at home as thrilling as it could have been outdoors on a regular day.

Entertainment Is The Key!

Dogs love to play “Search and Sniff” games! To make your quarantine days interesting for you and your dog, hide treats all around the house and let your dog sniff them out. Set him off to a tail-wagging adventure. Your dog will put his nose into the game. And, it is in your hands- how easy or difficult you want this game to be! It will depend on how you decide to hide the treats.

Do not plan your treasure hunt games outside your home. There are ESA laws allowing you to accommodate pups with you in your apartment, but we do not want our little bundle of joy to put others in trouble.

Schedules Aren’t Limited To You!

You call it a discipline-training or a schedule- it is your call! Schedule time for his meals and playtime. Do not forget to incorporate training. Maybe you can make some rounds on your terrace or in a well-maintained garden with your pup.

Summer-break is the ideal time to develop their behavior too. Teach them new commands- Sit, Stand, Bark, Stay, etc. With all the time in your hand, put together your patience, and work with them on their skills. All you need is Practice, Practice, and Practice!


Your emotional support animals do not need much training, like service dogs. ESA and service dogs are different, and hence, their demands are also different.

Gifts Galore

How long has it been since you gifted your pup a toy or his favorite treat? Let him not feel sad during this stay-at-home period. I am sure you know what your dog loves!


Next time you step out to get groceries, do not forget your dog’s needs. Get their favorite toy or their favorite treat. Remember, he is your ESA dog. He will keep you happy only when he stays happy!


Or you may bring some dental chewers. It doesn’t matter whether your pup is young or an adult. These chewers will help them fight their boredom. All you need is to decode their favorite flavor. In general, dogs love the chicken flavor. Besides these, it is healthy for a dog’s mouth too!

Unconditional Love= Undivided Attention

This is an opportunity to strengthen your connection with your pooch. Dogs love unswerving attention, and this is their interpretation of love from their humans.


On typical days, you might not let your dog be a part of some chores you do around at home! But, what can your doggo do except laying flat on the floor? Assign him tasks. Teach him specific duties. Make him your partner in a few activities.


It is easy to comprehend if your dog loves you. It is complicated to say anything about emotional support cats’ love.

Yoga Is For Dogs Too!

No! Dog yoga is not something new! Your dog needs to be as fit as its owner. Hence, indulge in DOGA ( dog yoga). But here is a catch- Not all dogs will be interested in yoga! Therefore, it will be an experimental activity for you and your dog.

As you will not be able to set your foot out, you can replace that walk-time with yoga sessions. Your dogs can have stress and anxiety built up within them too. Not only will it destress you and your pup, but it will also make you guys spend quality time together.


Start with getting him onto the mat and see if he is interested in beginning the basic pose. If he seems to like what he is doing, try different other poses.

Dance Out The Quarantine Blues!

Some dogs are fond of dancing. You may have seen some viral videos of dogs shaking or jumping on beats of music. So, plan an evening for your pup with his favorite music on. Dance in front of him to let him understand what he is supposed to do. And now both of you groove to your favorite music!


Dancing with your dog will not only lighten your mood but also will tire out your dog. A petite dance party will help your dog to wiggle and jump around. Remind them that they still have your attention during your Work-from-Home (if possible).

Photography Time!

Do you love to watch the dog’s pictures and videos on your social media? So, if you have a dog, all you need is a good camera. Capture great moments of your dogs. Make him your model for a day.

Prepare a room with perfect lighting and several toys or props for your dogs to interact with! Let him roam in that room, play with toys, and indulge in other activities. And, you catch him in his natural movements. I am sure if you get a fast shutter speed featured camera, you will get the best pictures of him enjoying it.

Movie Night

Enough with all those physical activities and jumping around at home. Take out the night and make it a special one. Plan a movie night with your dog. Call over your dog for a cuddle sesh and enjoy a movie together.

Some dogs watch TV, and they engage with whatever is happening on the screen, especially if they hear similar sounds. Few of the dog’s movies for you to choose-


  • The Art Of Racing In The Rain
  • A Dog’s Purpose
  • A Dog’s Journey
  • A Dog’s Way Home
  • Milo & Otis Marley & Me


Staying at home is pretty boring, but making it thrilling and adventurous for you and your pooch is in your hands. Moreover, dogs are exceptional at brightening your day and making your monotonous days fun! Just because you are social distancing, it doesn’t mean you shall be devoid of any fun around the house. Spend a memorable time with your dog, and let yourself forget all the worries. Also, you may take your dog for walks. Do not worry- pets are free from coronavirus.


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