9 Rules For A Happy Life

“Happiness is a state of mind”. One can really not be happy even if they are doing their most favorite bunch of things at once. It is all how they are feeling inside or want to feel at that moment of time.


Some people think power, wealth, and fame are enough to make a person happy. If you are one of them, then you are seeking happiness in the wrong place. In fact, all the money and power in the world cannot make you happy if your life is not what you wanted or expected it to be.


No need to search the globe for happiness because it is all within you. Of course, you have the power to do it; just learn to harness it.


Here are 9 ways to have a happy life.

Give meaning to your life

Parents only give you life and you are the one who adds meaning to your life. Each person is put on this earth for a particular reason and what is yours? Find your purpose and pursue it. You will find yourself not only satisfied but actually happy while you do it. Know that doing something for satisfaction is much better than doing something for a reward.

Mindset matters more

Do not limit your thoughts. Some of those can be constructive and others can be really detrimental which can work against you. Misjudgment or poor choice is international whereas a poor attitude might be a deliberate choice. Try looking at the bright side, challenge yourself, have faith, and see good in people.

Put in your heart

One of the most primary things that can help you stay happy is to have healthy relationships. However, like most of the other things, even your relationships need a certain level of investment. Make it your priority. Convey your feelings in the best possible way considering the feelings of others.

Value Memories

Collecting money or materialistic things to stay happy. Forget the artificial things and quit demanding and hoarding them to find happiness. Rather work harder to make beautiful memories. Material things only force you to put in more effort. Remember that memories last forever while the materials wear and tear over time.

Treasure the important ones

It is normal for us to cherish the physical goods and undervalue the intangible things. Do you honor love, commitment, trust, and dignity? Try holding these values in high regard and do not end up neglecting what you can feel. Do not take what you have for granted. As people, it is easy for people to lose sight of the things that cannot be seen. Find out what is really important for you and value them.

Be grateful and thankful

There are so many things for you to be grateful and thankful about. How about you make an inventory of things that you are grateful about? Try appreciating what you have. If you do, you will never feel to want more. Plus, when you end up being ungrateful and taking things for granted, those people or things fall in jeopardy. To not learn what things mean to you, it is better to value it while you have it.

Do what is right and convenient

To know what is right and do what is right are two different things. You should do right not out of fear but because your moral integrity matters a lot. Some also believe in Karma and do you remember it acts like a boomerang. Also, know that you have to live with yourself all your life.

Reach for Stars

If you believe something is possible, put in all your efforts to do it. Make reaching for the stars and still staying on the ground your approach. All it takes is the first big step to make it a reality. Others might stop you from it for a moment but try reaching for stars. Remember only you can do good for yourself.

Make every moment worthy

Live life to its fullest. Do not focus on the past or future because you might not even realize but the best moments can slip away from your hands. It is like playing musical chairs. You never know when the music stops and all the fun ceases.