6 Amazing Health Benefits of Alcohol

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Alcohol

Drinking abusively every other day can never be good for your physical and psychological well being. We all have heard about how alcohol can negatively affect our health. And obviously, we cannot deny it. Drinking heavily can have fatal consequences. And therefore, it should be avoided at any cost. But consuming moderate alcohol can actually have some great health benefits. Yes, it’s true. However, it should be noted that the reaction of alcohol to the body may vary from person to person.

Moderate alcohol, here, is defined as up to two drinks for men and one drink for women in a day. This, however, should not be considered the average of several days, but the actual intake per day.

People frequently talk about the negative aspects of alcohol. But not many talk about its positive side. Here, we will talk about some amazing benefits our body can have by consuming alcohol at a moderate level.

Let’s start then.

Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Various studies have found that consuming moderate alcohol can raise the level of HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein), a.k.a. Good cholesterol, in our body. This good cholesterol protects the heart from many diseases. Consuming moderate alcohol also prevents the blood from clotting inside arteries in the heart, brain or neck. This can save us from any potential heart attack or stroke.


It Leads to a Longer Life

Though drinking excessively can lead to many fatal diseases like cancer, liver damage, brain damage, etc., moderate drinking may actually increase your lifespan.

A study, conducted with a small group of people who were observed for around 12 years, concluded that the people who consumed low amounts of alcohol daily and avoided getting overdrunk were at a 25% lower risk of death.

A 2017 study conducted among more than 300000 adults also found that the people who drink moderately have a 21% lesser risk of death than those who never consume alcohol.


Prevents Common Cold

On one hand, too much alcohol can actually make your cold symptoms worse. But on the other hand, drinking moderately might actually save you from catching the disease in the first place. Spanish researchers have found that consuming one to two glasses of wine per day, red wine, in particular, can reduce the risk of the common cold by 60%. This effect may be due to the antioxidant nature of the wine. Wine also contains resveratrol, which helps keep the body’s immune system fit and healthy.


Reduced Risk of Gallstones

According to a research conducted at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, consuming up to two drinks per day can reduce the risk of developing gallstones by one-third. Research shows the benefits of consuming moderate alcohol but also stresses that excessive alcohol can cause some health problems.

A further support was given to these findings by the researchers of Qingdao University, China who also suggested that moderate alcohol consumption can significantly lower the risk of gallstone.

It can Improve Male Fertility

In contrast to the prior beliefs, the research now has found that consuming alcohol at a moderate level might actually prevent erectile dysfunction. A study in 2009 found that moderate alcohol drinkers had 25 to 30% lower chances of erectile dysfunction.

A 2018 study by an Italian clinic also showed that the people who drank between four and seven alcoholic drinks in a week had higher male fertility as compared to those who consumed more or less.


It Prevents Rheumatoid Arthritis

A 2010 research showed that those who don’t take any alcohol are 4 times more prone to rheumatoid arthritis than the people who consume at least three drinks per week. Researchers credit it to the anti-inflammatory properties of alcohol, which prevent the joints from swelling and aching.

The research also suggested that moderate alcohol consumption can make the symptoms of the condition less severe for people with arthritis. But on the other hand, heavy drinking can make the symptoms much worse.


Final Words

Did you know that road accidents are one of the top causes of death around the world? And the major cause of accidents is ALCOHOL.

Alcohol can be great for you. But for that, you’ll have to be responsible. Moderate and responsible drinking can surely keep you fit and healthy for a long run. But never drink too much. And never drive under the influence, even if you think you can drive. As a responsible drinker, you should always get a taxi.

Be safe and happy drinking!

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