Racism Is A Health Crisis That We Need To Address

Racism Is A Health Crisis That We Need To Address

The incidence of police brutality in Ohio has raised serious questions over human behavior. Well, it’s nothing new. It goes back to ages and nothing has really changed over the years. Racism is not just a cultural thing, it is a health crisis. Evidence shows that it has a deep impact on the physical and mental health of black people. Another aspect that raises concern is the fact that blacks are discriminated against when it comes to offering medical treatment. Research shows that doctors treat black patients differently than Whites. This clearly points to the scale of the problem we’re facing.

COVID-19 Reveals The Bigger Picture

For a long time, racism was treated as a societal ill. Well, it surely is but that’s not the full picture. The medical community mentions that it has evolved into a health crisis now. COVID-19 has made it even more evident. The pandemic reveals the vast scale of disparities that are evident in the health sector. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the death rates for Blacks are much higher than other races. The death rate in people aged between 45 and 54 is six times higher than white people. This clearly reveals the scale of the problem we’re facing.

Social Toxins Impact Physical Health

A study released by Auburn University shows that racist encounters are a major source of stress in African Americans. This, in turn, results in cellular aging. Racism is a social toxin that gets deeply wired at the cellular level. According to the CDC, Black men have a shorter life expectancy than White men. This is understandable because any form of discrimination affects you mentally. It serves as a major setback that is evident in the form of depression, trauma, and anxiety. According to a study by UCLA, the effects of racism can have a direct impact on your immune system. This results in chronic inflammation that is evident in the form of health issues like heart disease and cancer.

The System Needs To Change

Racism is an issue that has its roots deeply engraved in the society. We need a complete makeover to reduce its imprints on human life. A lot needs to be done when it comes to changing the mentality of people. Racism is like a virus that needs to be eradicated completely. For that, we need a complete makeover. Educational institutions should stress on giving a clear message of equality. Kids who face racism grow up to have serious mental issues. Depression and anxiety are common when they become adults. So, we need to teach our kids to act responsibly. No matter what race it is, we are all humans. The color of the skin is not a parameter to judge someone. And it’s not just about educational institutions, healthcare needs to address this too. Reform is much needed to ensure better access to healthcare for Black people. There is a growing need to allocate more budget for mental health.

3 Ways To Fight Systematic Racism

Support The People Of Color

People of all races should come together to create a vibe that promotes equality. We should encourage people of color to rise to positions of power. Give them an opportunity to prove themselves and vote for them where needed. As you offer continuous support, Black people will feel more confident living the society and eventually it will lead to cultural harmony.


There are various organizations that support Black community and fight for their cause. So, you should consider donating to these organizations. This act of kindness can bring a huge difference in the lives of Black people.

Give Extra Love To Kids 

We need to raise our kids better. When you notice kids of color, shower them with love. In addition, encourage your kids to bond with all races. These small steps go a long way in developing a society that is equal in all aspects. By teaching the kids these basics of rightful behavior, you are contributing towards building a better future.


It’s high time we get rid of the stigma of racism. The world needs to evolve into a better place and only by staying united, we can achieve that.