All You Need To Know About Cannabis Sublingual Strips

All You Need To Know About Cannabis Sublingual Strips

There is no doubt about the changing environment around cannabis. From getting 420 evaluations online and options for home deliveries to most states accepting it as a medical drug. Cannabis is surely experiencing a positive change in its public image. This change has enabled people who actually need cannabis to use it without having to face any legal issues.


It has also allowed the cannabis industry to bring about new innovations to increase convenience for its customers. One of the many areas of such innovations is the delivery methods. There are dozens of ways to consume marijuana which presents people to go along with their preferences. So, if you are not fond of smoking, then go for an edible. Or maybe a tablet. While smoking and edibles are some of the traditional methods. There are several new ones that are gaining popularity among marijuana users. One of them is the sublingual strips.


The sublingual route for medication has been in practice for quite a long time. So, it’s nothing new. However, Cannabis sublingual strips are new in the picture. These are tiny strips coated with cannabinoids that are consumed by placing them under the tongue.


How do sublingual strips work?

Sublingual means under the tongue. So just like the tinctures and oils, sublingual strips work when they are placed under the tongue. They dissolve after five to ten minutes and start showing effects within 15 minutes. But you may wonder. How does it work?


There are oral mucosa or absorption membranes beneath the tongue. These membranes are porous and easy to permeate. So they effortlessly absorb the cannabinoids in the sublingual strips. From here the cannabinoids directly enter the bloodstream and get to work within a few minutes.


One of the major reasons for the popularity of sublingual strips is its difference from the conventional methods of consumption. It gives you all the benefits of consuming edibles and smoking but without the harm. Here’s how.

Cannabis Edibles

How is it different from edibles?

First, let’s understand how edibles work. Edibles are strong in their effects. But, their onset time is more than other delivery methods. This is because, when you ingest an edible, it has to go through the digestive tract. So it passes through the enzymes and chemicals in the stomach, the liver and the intestines. And only then it is able to show any effects on the body. Also, the liver sometimes breaks the delta-9-THC into a much potent component called 11-hydroxy-THC. And produces a more intense high. This usually happens among first-timers.


With sublingual strips, it’s different. Since you don’t ingest it. It doesn’t have to go through the digestive tract. Rather it directly enters the bloodstream. This is why its onset time is significantly faster than edibles. Since it doesn’t enter the liver, there is no chance of production of 11-hydroxy-THC. So you bypass this side effect.

How is it different from smoking and vaping?

Before I talk about the difference, let’s discuss the similarities between smoking, vaping and sublingual strips. All of these delivery methods have quick onset time. So you can say they have instant effects on the body. The sublingual strips have a similar bioavailability to smoking and vaping. This is why most people prefer getting the best dry herb vaporizer for excellent experiences along with cannabis-induced strips.


Bioavailability is the amount of cannabinoid that is actually absorbed by the body’s receptors. Smoking and vaping have a bioavailability ranging from 30 to 80 percent. Sublingual strips also have a bioavailability between 40 to 50 percent. So either of the methods can give you similar levels of potency.


However, the difference lies in the side effects. Inhaling the smoke and vapors can cause respiratory problems. This is because the smoke and vapors have carcinogens and tar in them. Some vape pens also contain harmful thinning agents and pesticides. With sublingual strips, you do not have to experience any of these harmful effects.


Benefits of cannabis sublingual strips


Sublingual strips give the user their privacy. Unlike the joints and vape pens that fill the air with smoke and attach a burnt smell to your body and surroundings. Sublingual strips can be easily carried in the pockets or a wallet. And you can place one under the tongue without any glares.

Dose control

Micrososing is very important for marijuana use. And sublingual strips help you control your dose. These strips come in very small cannabinoid content of 5 to 10 milligrams. And this is because it is difficult to fit a higher dose on a strip without ruining the taste.


Convenience is the major virtue of sublingual strips. You don’t have to worry about rolling a joint, preparing a water pipe or a recipe. You don’t even have to worry about ventilation for the smoke. Sublingual strips are the best alternative for people who are tired of yielding bad cannabis or ingesting harmful chemicals. This is why it is also the safest method for a first time use.


Final Thoughts

Sublingual strips are very easy to use and best for a person who just started using marijuana. It can deliver the medical benefits without any harmful side effects on the body. So if you are considering starting to start using marijuana for your ailments or are looking for a better alternative, give a try to cannabis sublingual strips.