Best Wine Recommendations for a Beginner

Best Wine Recommendations for a Beginner

Before indulging in the practice of consumption of a luxurious alcoholic drink (because it is good for your health) it is best for all beginners to be well informed and aware of everything. Knowing almost all that can be known about wines is so important because it isn’t a child’s play to try out new liquors and one should always be conscious of what it contains and how it will affect them. Quite similar to when you’re making the right choice for your preferred weed pen, this is a prolonged process for which you might need to create a checklist, to tick off your aims and objectives and finally arrive at a particular conclusion. Here are a few wine recommendations any beginner can begin with.

Prosecco (Alcohol content: 11%-12% ABV)

Special wine from Italy made from the grape called Glera, this wine is one of the best choices of wine for a beginner. This wine is also referred to as a sparkling wine because it is a white wine with bubbles inside it. Slightly on the expensive side, this wine is yummy and satisfying and is definitely worth its big price. Prosecco is full of fruity flavors like green apple, honeydew melon, and pear with floral aromas and light, frothy bubbles. So for all the wine novices out there you can begin your wine journey with this perfect wine.

Chardonnay (Alcohol Content: 13.5%–15% ABV)

Arguably the most well known wines to be in the wine menu at any restaurant or club, this wine is delicious. Chardonnay is often described as having apple and pear flavors with notes of butter, toast, and oak in it. Doesn’t that sound like the most appetizing wine in the whole entire world? People like to drink this wine with mild cheeses, shellfish, chicken and fruity desserts. The distinct flavors and the perfect amount of bubbles in the wine make it a popular choice for many.

Pinot Noir (Alcohol Content: 11.5%–15% ABV)

Red wine with hints of yummy berries like cherry, raspberry and grapes, Pinot Noir has gained immense popularity over the past few decades. As red wines use the whole grape instead of the juices like white does, they are tannic in composition. Tannins are a group of bitter and astringent compounds that exist in the skin, seeds and stems of the grape plant. Even if the price range might seem a little bit higher than other wines available in the market, nothing can replace the amazing taste of this particular wine.

Merlot (Alcohol Content: 13.5%–15% ABV)

The red wine for all occasions, Merlot is a great type of wine for beginners to start their journey to finding the best wine. Loved for their cherry flavor and chocolatey finish, these well balanced and delicious wines can be indulged in by people regardless of their drinking limits. Merlot can be sipped on alongside yummy cuisines and is hence best paired with poultry, roasted vegetables, rustic dishes and comfort foods like pizza, pasta, and BBQ.

Sauvignon Blanc (Alcohol Content: 10%–13.5% ABV)

Mostly eaten with fish, delicious herb sauces and green vegetables, this delightful wine is famous for its refreshing and crisp taste. Typically featuring the yummy flavors like citrus fruits, kiwi, and honeydew melon and a tart, herbaceous quality (green pepper, mint, grass), it is served chill to accompany a heavy and belly full meal. Surprisingly as wines are known to taste amazing when they are centuries old, this wine in particular tastes best when it is relatively young.

Final Words

If you are a beginner in the field of wine you are open to the myriad choices that you can make to choose the right type of wine to suit your palette. The best partner of a glass of wine is a good satisfying meal so make sure to have that sorted beforehand. You might associate anything with alcohol in it as not good for your health but wines are known to be relatively good for your heart. What are you waiting for? Try out these wines today and find out which tastes best for you!