Moving in Together? How to Make It Work?

Moving in Together? How to Make It Work?

Excited to take your relationship to another level but scared how it may affect your relationship? Well, moving in is all cool and fun until you realize your partner is not the right person for you and the only way to get out of it is by breaking their heart and getting your heart broken. It’s as messy as one can imagine. But it doesn’t necessarily have to end this way, right? A lot of people are living together and enjoying their best time. How do they do it? What can you do to make this relationship work?

Make Sure You Know Each Other

First thing that you need to make sure is that neither of you are rushing into it. You may not feel like rushing amidst all this excitement and daydreaming but calm your horses down and think. Do you both know each other well enough to start living together? It’s one thing to meet everyday, go out on trips and spend weekends and weeks together but a whole different scenario when you decide to move in together. Just make sure you are ready for this. Consider how things will be a few months or years down the lane with them.

Communicate About Your Relationship Goals

This is very important. Communication is the key to making any relationship work. Talk to your partner beforehand what you both expect from this relationship and make sure you both are on the same track. A lot of people don’t consider this before moving in and after a few years they are left with no choice but to move in different ways. So, it’s better to talk now than get into fights later.

While talking to them directly is very important, you should even research about how things are working between you. Take a “does he like me” quiz, ask a relationship coach, or maybe ask the universe for signs, whatever works for you.

Set Rules to Make It Work

If things seem right and positive for you to move in with them, consider making rules to make it work. Let them know your fears and ask them what they have in their mind regarding this step. Remember moving in is a huge step that you are taking and being transparent with each other will help you guys a lot in making this relationship work and grow.

You can introduce rules like “we will never sleep or storm out after a fight”. There should be respect for each other’s personal space. No yelling at each other. Anything that you believe will keep you guys sane and together as a couple.

Divide Chores; Help Each Other

Now that you are living together make sure both of you are working equally inside the home. Rather than taking all the responsibility or expecting everything from them, divide the chores and help each other out at every point. This will help you guys in the long run. Initially, either of you may be able to handle everything but it isn’t possible or at least easy in the long run. Don’t burden yourself or them, divide it and live happily.

Don’t Let the Romance Die

Now that you have moved in, the excitement to meet each other, go out on dates, and spend time together will fade away. Sure, there’s going to be a lot of flirt, romantic dances, touches and sex initially but with time it will become a routine and romance can take the backseat. Don’t let it take the backseat for your own good. Netflix and chill is fun but consider going out once in a while, get ready, plan dinners and date nights, whatever you usually love doing together, other than living in.

Final Words

Relax! Yes, I am asking you to relax. That’s another piece of advice. I know along with feeling excited, you are really nervous about this whole thing as well and it is pretty normal to feel this way. Just stay positive and things will work out for the good. Even your partner must be going through similar thoughts so be there for them and ask them to talk about their thoughts with you so that you both can understand what exactly is stressing you guys out. Stay positive and you will attract a positive outcome out of it.